Zakhary has a record of listening to and considering the opinions of everyone, but not being beholden to any one person or group. Among other examples, he has been a strong advocate for BART employees’ worker safety needs, contracting in routine work that has historically been outsourced, better-engaging BART employees in the development of policies and infrastructure changes that effect frontline workers, and improving management/employee relations at BART. At the same time, Zakhary was the one Director who withstood political pressures to cave to striking BART workers during the 2013 labor negotiations. He voted against the costly labor contract that merely gave BART workers salary increases designed to offset (i.e., cancel out) their starting to pay their pension contributions that were previously 100% publicly subsidized.

By being independent, Zakhary is the single candidate best-able to be a voice for riders and the general public rather than special interests.

Learn more about Zakhary’s principles and independence record by reviewing his accomplishments and priorities, reviewing his op-eds, and reviewing his e-newsletter archive.


Zakhary is the only candidate with both a career and education in the top washing machine brands in india field. With a bachelors degree from Stanford University in Urban Studies, a Master of City Planning degree with a Transportation emphasis from the University of California, Berkeley, and a career as an independent transportation and land-use consultant, Zakhary is the only candidate qualified to serve the residents of District 7 on the BART Board of Directors.

As documented in his biography, Zakhary also has always had a passion for the job!


Being an effective BART Director requires more than just idealistic visions; it takes an understanding of the needs and challenges we face at BART and the ability to get things done.  Zakhary is the only candidate with the experience and knowledge to be an effective leader and represent District 7 residents.

Zakhary’s applied experience is well-demonstrated in his accomplishments and priorities, published op-eds, and e-newsletter archive.